PHPExcel 1.6.4 Production

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Released: Oct 27, 2008
Updated: Dec 12, 2008 by maartenba
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Changelog 2008/10/27 (v1.6.4):

- General: (ET) Work item 7882 - RK record number error in MS developer documentation: 0x007E should be 0x027E
- Feature: (MBaker) Work item 7878 - getHighestColumn() returning "@" for blank worksheet causes corrupt output
- Feature: (MBaker) Work item 2346 - Implement ROW and COLUMN Lookup/Reference Functions (when specified with a parameter)
- Feature: (MBaker) Work item 2346 - Implement initial work on OFFSET Lookup/Reference Function (returning address rather than value at address)
- Feature: (ET) Work item 7416 - Excel5 reader: Page margins
- Feature: (ET) Work item 7417 - Excel5 reader: Header & Footer
- Feature: (ET) Work item 7449 - Excel5 reader support for page setup (paper size etc.)
- Feature: (MB) Work item 7445 - Improve speed and memory consumption of PHPExcelWriterCSV
- Feature: (MB) Work item 7432 - Better recognition of number format in HTML, CSV, and PDF writer
- Feature: (MB) Work item 7485 - Font support: Superscript and Subscript
- Feature: (ET) Work item 7509 - Excel5 reader font support: Super- and subscript
- Feature: (ET) Work item 7521 - Excel5 reader style support: Text rotation and stacked text
- Feature: (ET) Work item 7530 - Excel5 reader: Support for hyperlinks
- Feature: (MB, ET) Work item 7557 - Import sheet by request
- Feature: (ET) Work item 7607 - PHPExcelReaderExcel5 support for page breaks
- Feature: (ET) Work item 7622 - PHPExcelReaderExcel5 support for shrink-to-fit
- Feature: (MB, ET) Work item 7675 - Support for error types
- Feature: (ET) Work item 7388 - Excel5 reader true formula support
- Feature: (ET) Work item 7701 - Support for named ranges (defined names) in PHPExcelReaderExcel5
- Feature: (ET) Work item 7781 - Support for repeating rows and repeating columns (print titles) in PHPExcelReaderExcel5
- Feature: (ET) Work item 7783 - Support for print area in PHPExcelReaderExcel5
- Feature: (ET) Work item 7795 - Excel5 reader and writer support for horizontal and vertical centering of page
- Feature: (MB) Applied patch 1962
- Feature: (ET) Work item 7866 - Excel5 reader and writer support for hidden cells (formulas)
- Feature: (MB, ET) Work item 7612 - Support for indentation in cells (feature request)
- Feature: (MB, ET) Work item 7828 - Option for reading only specified interval of rows in a sheet
- Bugfix: (MBaker) Work item 7367 - PHPExcelCalculationFunctions::DATETIMENOW() and PHPExcelCalculationFunctions::DATENOW() to force UTC
- Bugfix: (MBaker) Work item 7395 - Modified PHPExcelSharedDate::FormattedPHPToExcel() and PHPExcelSharedDate::ExcelToPHP to force datatype for return values
- Bugfix: (ET) Work item 7450 - Excel5 reader not producing UTF-8 strings with BIFF5 files
- Bugfix: (MB) Work item 7470 - Array constant in formula gives run-time notice with Excel2007 writer
- Bugfix: (MB) Work item 7494 - PHPExcelReaderExcel2007 setReadDataOnly(true) returns Rich-Text
- Bugfix: (ET) Work item 7496 - PHPExcelReaderExcel5 setReadDataOnly(true) returns Rich-Text
- Bugfix: (MB) Work item 7497 - Characters before superscript or subscript losing style
- Bugfix: (MB) Work item 7507 - Subscript not working with HTML writer
- Bugfix: (MB) Work item 7508 - DefaultColumnDimension not working on first column (A)
- Bugfix: (MB) Work item 7527 - Negative numbers are stored as text in PHPExcelWriter2007
- Bugfix: (ET) Work item 7531 - Text rotation and stacked text not working with PHPExcelWriterExcel5


Reviews for this release

Top Class Software and great support.
by Lasse on Jan 3, 2009 at 1:06 PM
The download doesn't work somehow. After i accepted the user agreement, the browser (Firefox AND InternetExplorer) seem to be busy but nothing else happens. I turned off all popup blockers and it still doesn't work. Please help me out, thanx.
by SomeUser777 on Dec 28, 2008 at 5:41 PM
I was searching for something like this for a few months... I've tried different xls readers or writers but nothing compare to this. Thank you for this amazing PHP library! I will integrate this library as a plugin for my own open source cms. Thank you again!
by alopia on Dec 25, 2008 at 11:30 PM
Tahnks for excellent efforts
by barzo on Nov 13, 2008 at 9:06 AM