What is the real PHPExcel library dev site?

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Jul 25, 2015 at 5:51 PM

sorry for the probably dumb question, but i'm a little bit confused... i see that currently exists two different project with almost the same file on two different places, this one on codeplex and another one on github (https://github.com/PHPOffice/PHPExcel)

I'm really confused because seem that both project are alive and are two different projects started from the same code-base.

I see that on both site the developers accept and maintain issue tickets and seem that are two different community that are still actives (to be honest the community here on codeplex seem more active that the github one)

so my question is: there is a real official project or one is the fork of the other? where i need to fill an issue ticket or where is the best place to ask a question that will be reply more quickly ?

sorry again if my question can be stupid, but i think that this project is really awesome and i want understand exactly how can i follow it

thank you
Jul 25, 2015 at 9:22 PM
On 25/07/2015 17:51, digitalblade wrote:
I'm really confused because seem that both project are alive and are two different projects started from the same code-base.
They're not two different projects. Quoting from the main (news) page on the codeplex site:

2012-06-19 PHPExcel Moves to github!

The source repository for PHPExcel, together with its sister projects PHPWord and PHPPowerPoint under the auspices of PHPOffice. The repository can be found at https://github.com/PHPOffice/PHPExcel, and the latest working development code is in the develop branch.
This is the first part of series of changes in our development process which we believe will make it easier for us to do more frequent releases of better quality code. The next step will be CI integration for running automated unit testing against PHP 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 using TravisCI.
We shall be maintaining the CodePlex SVN Source repository in parallel for a time, but the github repository should be considered the definitive source.


2013-05-22 We are on Github!

Please remember that we have been using github as our source repository for nearly a year now.... source code has not been maintained here on Codeplex in all that time.
If you want to contribute, you can fork it. We do accept Pull Requests.

So github has been the official site for the PHPExcel project for over 3 years

Unfortunately, every time I try to shut down the Codeplex site, I get major outcry and have to keep it open (often from the same users that insist on maintaining PHP 5.2 backward compatibility).

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