Excel2007 numberFormat and currency

Mar 27, 2009 at 11:52 PM
In Excel2007.php reader it gets the built in format code of the style if numFmtId is less then 165.  But if you create a custom one in excel, the first one created is 164, so a read and write will change the value to General since it is not 165 or larger.  Perhaps off by one?
1. Create a new workbook and enter value in a1 as 12.
2.  Change format to currency with 7 0's after decimal.
3.  View style.xml
<numFmt numFmtId="164" formatCode="&quot;$&quot;#,##0.00000000000"/>
changes to 
<numFmt numFmtId="164" formatCode="General"/>
4.  Read and write with excel 2007 reader and see formatCode changes to General.

Problem 2
Default currency on my machine is numFmtId="44", but this is not defined in NumberFormat.php, so a read and write of a worksheet with one cell that is currency looses its style of currency.
I added 44 in NumberFormat and it did work.
self::$_builtInFormats[44] = '_("$"* #,##0.00_);_("$"* \(#,##0.00\);_("$"* "-"??_);_(@_)';

Is currency formatting supported in the reader?
Mar 30, 2009 at 5:49 AM
Work item #9630 created for problem 1.

Problem 2, work item #9631 created for further discussion: