PHPExcel_ReferenceHelper->updateFormulaReferences bug ?

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Oct 1, 2013 at 12:20 PM
Hello. I have a problem with named ranges, which defined in Name Manager in excel. During load excel document i have an exception: Invalid cell coordinate v2. As i can understand,
the problem in method call:
PHPExcel_ReferenceHelper->updateFormulaReferences("=VLOOKUP(A17,Price_Q3v2.1,3,0)", "A1", 0, 2)
where Price_Q3v2.1 is the named range defined in Name Manager and have value =QUOTATION!$A:$I. But updateFormulaReferences parse from 'Price_Q3v2.1' cell coordinates Q3 and v2. But it is wrong. Somebody can explain me purpose of the method PHPExcel_ReferenceHelper->updateFormulaReferences ? I comment its call in Excel2007.php file in class PHPExcel_Reader_Excel2007, and its works for me without errors.

php version: 5.4.8
phpExcel version: 1.7.9
OS Windows 7