Is there a setting I am leaving out?

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Mar 11, 2013 at 8:46 PM
I am using version 1.7.8 of PHPExcel and am creating spreadsheets with no problem... almost.

The resulting spreadsheets are e-mailed to various recipients. Those using Excel 2003 have no problems at all with the file (in the createWriter call I am using 'Excel5' because some recipients are using this version of Excel). However, when those using newer versions of Excel (myself included) open the file, the data is "messed up" (some cells are empty that should not be, numbers showing 30+ decimal places where integers should be displayed, etc.). But here's the part that makes me think it is a simple setting... when I open the spreadsheet with the "messed up" data, the "Enable Editing" button is displayed at the top of the spreadsheet. When I click that button, the spreadsheet contents correct themselves.

I would like to remove this annoyance of people having to click the "Enable Editing" button before they can look at the spreadsheet. But on top of that, I learned today that anyone opening the spreadsheet on an iPad sees the "messed up" data, but with no "Enable Editing" button available.

Any helpful hints?
Apr 15, 2015 at 4:35 AM
I am having similar issues with PHPExcel and the Apple iPad and iPhone.

Spreadsheet looks great in Microsoft Windows.

I am using Excel2007 writer.

On the iPad/iPhone in the Mail app, the attachment can be previewed. Some cells are shown without the contents. There may still be borders applied to the cell.

In my case, I have a produced a order form for my client to send to their customer accounts.

The form consists of 3 parts :
1) Document header showing the company contact information ie who is sending out the order form.
2) Section related to the recipient ie business address, phone number, recipient name and email address.
3) A list of items that they may like to order this week. (This list is read from their database system and is different for each account).

It is the second section which is messing up. The space is reserved on the sheet correctly, but the section shows none of the data and only some formatting ie cell borders.

I am currently testing the form using the Excel5 writer to see if there is any difference. My concern is that Excel5 may not support some of the rendering features that I have used.

Kim Groves