Copying cells that contain named ranges

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Nov 19, 2012 at 6:51 PM


I've generated a workbook where the user should select some cell values from a list, as follows:

column name: Status

column values: Completed, Do Not Use, Forbidden

The range values are on a different sheet in the same workbook.

Selecting values from the list one by one works fine.  However, if the user selects a value from the list (e.g. Completed) and tries to copy it down the column, values disappear from the list!

Row 1: Select 'Completed' and copy 

Row 2: View the dropdown list -> Values remaining in it are 'Do Not Use' and 'Forbidden'

Row 3: Only value remaining in list is 'Forbidden'

Row 4: Empty dropdown list

Your help is most appreciated.