Drop down relation gone after loading template

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Aug 15, 2012 at 10:53 AM

Hello all,

After loading a template (xls) with PHPExcel my drop down relations are gone.

		$objPHPExcel = PHPExcel_IOFactory::load($options['templatePath']);
		return $this->generate($objPHPExcel, $uploadTypeData);
 Nothing else is done. does anyone know why the relation vanished?

Aug 15, 2012 at 12:23 PM

If by "drop down relation" you mean autoFilter expressions, then yes... they are at the moment. While PHPExcel supports setting an autoFilter range at the moment, it doesn't support actual column filter expressions yet. This is currently being implemented for Excel2007, and should be available for the 1.7.8 relase over this coming weekend. Excel5 won't support this until the next (1.7.9) release.

Aug 16, 2012 at 2:12 PM

Thank you for your reply. 
I didn't find the release date for version 1.7.8 . Any idea when to expect this version?

Aug 16, 2012 at 5:59 PM

I'm trying to get it completely finished and stable for a release this weekend or early next week.

Changelog so far reads:

Fixed in develop branch:
- Feature:  (MBaker)     Refactor PDF Writer to allow use with a choice of PDF Rendering library
                         rather than restricting to tcPDF
                         Current options are tcPDF, mPDF, DomPDF
                         tcPDF Library has now been removed from the deployment bundle
- Feature:  (MBaker)     Initial version of HTML Reader
- Feature:  (Progi1984) & (blazzy) Work items 9605 - Implement support for AutoFilter in PHPExcel_Writer_Excel5
- Feature:  (MBaker)     Modified ERF and ERFC Engineering functions to accept Excel 2010's modified acceptance of negative arguments
- Feature:  (k1LoW)      Support SheetView `view` attribute (Excel2007)
- General:  (alexgann)   Add Currency detection to the Advanced Value Binder
- General:  (MBaker)     Work item 18404 - setCellValueExplicitByColumnAndRow() do not return PHPExcel_Worksheet
- General:  (MBaker)     Work item 18324 - Reader factory doesn't read anymore XLTX and XLT files
- General:  (MBaker)     Magic __toString() method added to Cell object to return raw data value as a string
- General:  (alexgann)   Add cell indent to html rendering
- Bugfix:   (cyberconte) Patch 12318 - OOCalc cells containing <text:span> inside the <text:p> tag
- Bugfix:   (schir1964)  Fix to listWorksheetInfo() method for OOCalc Reader
- Bugfix:   (MBaker)     Support for "e" (epoch) date format mask
                         Rendered as a 4-digit CE year in non-Excel outputs
- Bugfix:   (MBaker)     Work items 15799 and 18278 - Background color cell is always black when editing cell
- Bugfix:   (MBaker)     Work items 15905 and 18183 - Allow "no impact" to formats on Conditional Formatting
- Bugfix:   (wackonline) OOCalc Reader fix for NULL cells
- Bugfix:   (seltzlab)   Fix to excel2007 Chart Writer when a $plotSeriesValues is empty
- Bugfix:   (MBaker)     Various fixes to Chart handling
- Bugfix:   (MBaker)     Work item 18370 - Error loading xlsx file with column breaks
- Bugfix:   (MBaker)     OOCalc Reader now handles percentage and currency data types
- Bugfix:   (MBaker)     Work Item 18415 - mb_stripos empty delimiter
- Bugfix:   (takaakik)   Work Item 15455 - getNestingLevel() Error on Excel5 Read
- Bugfix:   (MBaker)     Fix to Excel5 Reader when cell annotations are defined before their referenced text objects
- Bugfix:   (MBaker)     OOCalc Reader modified to process number-rows-repeated
- Bugfix:   (MBaker)     Work item 18377 - Chart Title compatibility on Excel 2007
- Bugfix:   (MBaker)     Work item 18146 - Chart Refresh returning cell reference rather than values
- Bugfix:   (MBaker)     Work item 18145 - Autoshape being identified in twoCellAnchor when includeCharts is TRUE triggering load error
- Bugfix:   (MBaker)     Work item 18325 - v-type texts for series labels now recognised and parsed correctly

So the biggest change is for the PDF rendering, charting is a lot more stable than the experimental 1.7.7 release with most of the issues raised after that now fixed.

Aug 17, 2012 at 9:25 AM

Hello Mark,

Great work. I'll be waiting for it. The filter for the drop down is very important for my current project.


Thank you