Print area, please help

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Feb 6, 2012 at 5:51 PM

Hello guys,

my file being generated has an extra column which falls outside the printable area of ​​default. However if I set the print area, the number of rows is exceeding my spreadsheethas a print area, even if I set the print area smaller, some lines do not appear to be printedMy spreadsheet has seven columns A through H and 356 linesI wish it werepossible to print all the columns and then the other lines that do not fit on one sheetothersheets were printedI can do this by setting printing excelbut when my client is to export the report to excel, I would leave the impression that the right way.
This is the report without defining the print area, leaving the other lines that do not fit on one sheet to another, as in standard mode printing:

This oneI defined print area, however the other lines that exceed the sheet does notappear to be printed:

I tried using header and footer as well and could not.

How can I solve the issue of printing and the use of the header and footer?