Scientific Notation, Percentages, And Dates

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Dec 21, 2011 at 11:14 AM

I need to be reading spreadsheets that could be from any number of sources.  Sometimes a string identifier field will have an E in it;

Id: 22E231123

The 'E' is not intended to be used as scientific notation.  It's simply a string.

I'm using rangeToArray() to acquire the data from the worksheet.

If I use the parameter 'false' for the "formatData" parameter then this is fixed.  However, my date fields and fields that contain percentages suddenly lose their formatting.

I need to figure out how to pull in these fields without them turning into "(float)INF" should they be recognized as scientific notation without also ruining the rest of the formatting.

It's possible for me to re-read any specific columns that I identify as needing to be read as RAW.  But, that is a rather unpleasant thing to do.

Any suggestions?