Present and future of PHPExcel?

Oct 10, 2011 at 8:42 AM

Hi all,

i was noticing that the last releases of PHPExcel (since 1.7.0) have been done between 2 and 4 months one to another.

Now, we are stuck on 1.7.6 since february (8 months) so i'm wondering if something's wrong with the phpexcel team.

I noticed also that Mark is missing since july, and Mark was the one of the team most present in the forum (he was talkign about 1.7.7 release with chart support with ETA of mid july)

So i was just wondering if is there a future for PHPExcel. I love this tool, but i'm not going to use in production something abandoned.

Thank you all and always a BIG thank you for the tool.