Syntax error

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Jun 29, 2011 at 4:28 AM
// Miscellaneous glyphs, UTF-8
          foreach($warranty_arr as $warranty) {
		    ->setCellValue('A'.$row.'', ''.$warranty['serialnum'].'')
			->setCellValue('B'.$row.'', ''.$warranty['d1'].'')
			->setCellValue('C'.$row.'', ''.$warranty['modelnum'].'')
			->setCellValue('D'.$row.'', ''.$warranty['producttype'].'')
			->setCellValue('E'.$row.'', ''.$warranty['buydate'].'')
			->setCellValue('F'.$row.'', ''.$warranty['refnum'].'')
		->setCellValue('Z'.$row.'', '1');

I want to show all value in $warranty_arr into excel

But I don't know why that get a error message from IE
Parse error , unexpected T_FOREACH in we.php on line 27

How to solve this problem?