Regional number format settings with excel

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Jun 16, 2011 at 8:25 AM

Hi All,

I have numeric values like '1070.594' in "my DB. I have created export functionality in my site with PhpExcel class. As I have regional settings in my PC as Dutch (NetherLand). I want this numeric value to be displaeyd as "1.070,594" in the excel sheet.

I tried with changing the number format and i got the "1.070,594" value displayed in the excel sheet. But this value is saved as text. So i cant apply formulas like =sum() on this.

When i tried without applying number format and then exported the excel, I could apply the formulas in the excel sheet. But value is displayed as "1070.594".

So is it possible to display numeric value as "1.070,594" (Dutch netherland regional settings) and apply the formulas in the exported excel sheet.

Are these both things achievable at a time with PhpExcel??

Please help.