Is this possible with PHPExcel?

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May 16, 2011 at 1:49 PM

First off - i would like to say that PHPExcel looks very great, and i will certainly find a good use for it.
I have a few questions, that i have not really been able to find answers on - i hope you can find a few minutes, and reply to them, because it would make a project at work many many hours shorter.
This is the scenario:
I have a menu structure on a webpage - looks a bit like this:
Top Menu (this will show the overall spreadsheet) The data here should be possible to be exported to Excel by the users.
4 sub menus (these will consist of various spreadsheet data - all data in these 4 will be accessed by the overall spreadsheet in the top menu (just like you can have several tabs in excel pull data from each other).
1st sub menu should import all data from a URL - - the URL will stay the same, but the file will be updated daily, so it needs to pull the file once a day, and display it on the page.
2nd sub menu - same as 1st sub menu but another URL.
3rd sub menu - manual input of data - this data should be accessible by the overall spreadsheet in the top menu.
4th sub menu manual upload of a spreadsheet file once a day, this data should then be shown and be accessible by the overall spreadsheet in the top menu.
Would these things would be possible with the use of PHPExcel (some customization is expected)?
Thanks in advance