Incompatible symbol encoding

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Mar 22, 2011 at 3:29 PM


I'm a relative newcomer to PHPExcel, which I've found to be a really useful package.  I've got a problem which I'd appreciate some help with.  I have a function which reads any one of over 1,000 Excel templates, (.xlt), adds in some values and generates a corresponding xls file.   To do this, I load the xlt using objReader, set the cells I want to change, and write it out again using createWriter.   This works fine, except for some of the xlts which have a Ω symbol.  This symbol is coming out as W on the xls output.  I presume it's to do with character set conversions;  my question is - how should I convert the xlt files to UTF-8 in order to preserve the Ω symbol?

Many thanks