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Aug 12, 2010 at 3:07 PM

Greetings to all developers and users of the library PHPExcel. Some time ago I had post an error when up and run an application on the server, since Local mode works without problems. This error is associated with the number of discussions 74 737 (Error When recording in a format with formulas, styles and graphics), specifically on May 14 at 24:05. The detail is that I was told that the problem had already been resolved (pkhera user), however most did not see the solution, and even lowering the latest version of the library, thinking I had the fix, the problem persists. If someone could tell me corrections that I do to solve the problem really appreciate it because I had to link multiple excel sheets, being able to do directly with the library, brought me several problems with data and formulas that there is contemplating , which I address each time they use the program. On the other hand, do not think it necessary to say that this will also benefit me, the users of this library, coupled with the fact that this entails feedback for everyone.