Script Timeout

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Jun 14, 2010 at 7:01 PM
I have this working up to a point. I am writing 3 exam grades including other information (about 12 columns) for approximately 100 students for up to 12 worksheets (team-based learning scores or TBL). When I come across a new TBL session_id I create another worksheet. This works for those courses that only have 3 or 4 TBL sessions, however the script times out for the larger courses that has many TBL sessions. All I get is a blank screen. For each worksheet I setAutoSize and setHorizontal but that is about it. For example Medical Neuroscience has 3 TBL sessions so I have 3 worksheets, but Human Development has 12 TBL sessions so I would have 12 worksheets, but this crashes the script. Any help is appreciated.