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Apr 16, 2010 at 4:25 PM



        I know that the previous version of PHPEXCEL doesn't provide the facility of generating charts. Does the latest version contains this facility.

And i also have another query.

If i have a template which consists of some test data and images. I could load the data and write the data on the fly which again contains the same images.

but if i try to implement the same by having charts instead of images, its changing the data on fly but the charts are not coming.

and the same is in the case of auto-filter options.


1.   If i could get the image object from the template and can write in the new xls file, why can't i not getting this chart.

2. Even if i have the auto filter is enabled in the template, i am not getting it in the written file.
    For you information i am specifying the full  range such as


3. Is that possibe to change the chart on the fly by passing some objects.

4. Can i genrate a chart using some third party tool and is this possible to embed the whole chart area in a specified cell range

Please cleat it out  and help me in this regard.

Its more urgent.

please reply asap,





Apr 17, 2010 at 10:41 AM

When reading workbooks, PHPExcel ignores any elements that it cannot handle: it simply does not read them, so  when a newly read file is written back, it will only contain those elements that PHPExcel could read... hence charts, pivot tables, forms, macros and other VBA code will all be lost.

Charting will be coming this Summer. It's not the easiest coding, and has taken some time to write, but I've already written the basic code for reading charts with the Excel2007 reader, and started work on the Excel2007 writer: so sometime around July/August, expect chart read/write for Excel2007, with  other readers/writers to follow over the Autumn (Fall for the Americans reading).

I've also included wrapper code for rendering charts to jpg/gif/etc files using standard PHP Charting libraries. The initial wrapper is for jpGraph, but I'm hoping to provide interfaces for graphpite and other charting libraries subsequently.



Jul 16, 2010 at 11:41 AM

Dear Mark,

I am currently working on a jQuery driven spreadsheet frontend to phpExcel.
Dynamic Charts (e.g. via a combination of XHR and the google chart api) are a piece of cake on client side, but when it comes to Excel Exports I am stuck with images coming from jpGraph.

I am wondering if there is a chance to get a copy of the source code handling Charts in PhpExcel you've been working on for testing yet?

yours, Roland

Jul 19, 2010 at 8:52 AM

Hi Mark,


       In upcoming release of PHPExcel do you have the functionality of reading the charts from the tempalte  and to change them during fly. In your last post, you ahve mentioned that we can expect the charts fucntionality during july/August

of this year. Is that version released or yet to released.

Please clear this. I am afraid, if we couldn't have this fucntionality in this release, then in my project i have to struggle a lot