Can't load .xlsx file to read

I've used this PHPExcel class for .xls files prior to this with success, but this time I've been running into issues. Now, I'm trying to load and read a .xlsx file and can't even get past the load(...

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getValue() / getFormattedValue() returning exponential values on text in cell

When reading an EXCEL fiel and getting a cell value, with getValue(), or getFormattedValue() If a cell has a value like 01908E1 the value i get is 19080 but this works 01919E The excel file is fo...

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No Issue - please close

Was incorrect -- Mac Office 2008 does NOT allow for addition of color to tabs. It also does not recognize tab colors.

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AutoHeight doesn't work with LibreOffice

Bug was described here: Solved by editing file "phpoffice\phpexcel\Classes\PHPExcel\Writer\Excel2007\Worksheet.php" (lines 1001:1004): private func...

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PHPExcel duplicating cell data within cell

I have a spreadsheet, created through PHPExcel using the .xls format. When I load and save this spreadsheet as .xlsx, it duplicates the data in the shipping and billing address columns like so: n...

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getUrl() method adds strange characters

I have Excel spreadsheet with column which cells have embed URL address. When I load this spreadsheet and display that address in browser I can see some strange characters on the end of URL. For ex...

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Cells with SUBTOTAL formula taken into account when doing SUM

According to Excel specifications, any cell marked as a subtotal should not be taken into account when performing an aggregation calculation over it. I have found that the latest version of PHPExce...

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Images do not Copy to new Worksheet

So I have this template which has images. I use PHP copy to copy that template and use it as a new workbook. When I check the file, the images are still there. However, when I read the worksheet...

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Chart Title/Axis Label styling

Hi, I'm using PHPExcel to create some some charts, but the axis labels are always too big. Is there a way to change the font size or other styling parameters for these labels? This is the code t...

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Invalid cell coordinate

phpexcel returns 'Invalid cell coordinate PP' when load and save same excel file same issue was found on 1.7.8 & 1.8.0 seems some issue with some parser only happened on one excel file see attach...

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