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Problem with different version of excel... (2010 and below != excel 365)


Hello guys,

I currently am experiencing 2 problems in regards with excel output. I don't know if it's a bug or not, if it's excel's fault or the phpexcel itself.

General info (Applied to both problems):
  • This is how I generate my excel file. First, I have a excel template that I created using Microsoft Excel 2007. Complete with formatting and print area settings, so I don't have to do some formatting in the process. So, I open the excel template file using the read template method in phpexcel, then set my data to the respective cells and the download the file to the client's PC.
  • All column widths in the templates are set in "1.5".
Problem #1
When the user with Microsoft Office 2010 and below opened the generated excel file, there are no problems whatsoever, everything is fine. The problem arises when the user has Office 365, then the first column's (Column A only) width automatically resizes to "8.5".

One thing to note also is that, it only resizes column A when the user has Office 365 Enterprise edition, other version (Home, Business, etc) are all fine. (Base on my testing)

Problem #2
In the template, I set the print area to "A1:AS59, A60:AS118, A119:AS177, A178:AS236, A237:AS295, A296:AS354" (6 pages in total).
When viewed in Office 365 (All versions), it's completely fine, but in Office 2010 and below, print area is set to "A1:AS59, A60:AS119, A120:AS179, A180:AS239, A240:AS299, A300:AS354"

Additional details:
Row heights are set to "15".
Fonts are set to MS PGothic (Texts are in Japanese)

Any help is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.