Writing text to a Cell, but always output FALSE

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Mar 14, 2014 at 10:39 AM

I'm trying to simply paste text to a cell but for some reason the output is always FALSE

I can write any text generally, they're called from the database, save them in a variable then write its contents to a cell

When i echo the contents of that variable to the browser they're not FALSE of course

This is the way it's put toghether
$item_text .= 'Item: ' . $prod_data['qty'] . 'X' . $prod_data['name'] . $item_num_text .  ' ' . $currencies->format($prod_data['final_price']);
And the text that's contained in $item_text when i echo it is something like:
Item: 1XAm-Tech 4 Pc Professional Chisel Set with Wooden Handles AME0600 Item Number 0 £2.73
And for some reason, when i open the generated xlsx it displays FALSE

Maybe excel it's automatically executing some calculation or function?

Is there a way to disable this? or remove something from that text that might be triggering that calculation. Maybe phpexcel just can't write that text to a cell for some reason?

Thanks in advance!