PHPExcel and Dynamic Pivot

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Feb 10, 2014 at 7:31 AM
Hello, I'm new here..

I'm using phpexcel 1.7.5, php, pypmyadmin where I store my data and want to achieve the following.

I'll try and show in an example of how my data is stored on the database.
__Name      Subject      Grade__
John      History         A
John      Account        A
Angel      Account        B
To Something like this.
__Name   Account     History__
Angel     B            null
John     A              A
I want it will show on my site which in the table,
and also have button to download into xls.

One more, that only the example, mean I don't know how much subject in my database.
so I have no idea how to make "rows to column". Maybe Subject and grade need in the same array. Really frustrated how to archive this.