Uploading xls/xlsx files and to import it using phpexcel to mysql

Dec 29, 2013 at 11:52 AM
I'm really new to Phpexcel so i don't really know to make use of this.
I'm in a middle of a project right now An Online Grading System for my school
and i need to make a module to upload Excel files to my system and read it in the browser and upload it to Mysql Database..
I was able to make a upload system and i had successfully manage to view the excel files on the browser the problem is how can i import it to Mysql.

I tried other sites but i often find them hard to understand / their code are different when executed.
And i was only allowed to use xlsx/xls files not Cvs which i find alot of guide using them.

so can anyone help me or Give me a friendly tutorial guide for importing Excel files to Mysql database

Thanks in advance
-a troubled student-