how to set a comment with an image on a cell

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Aug 27, 2013 at 4:04 PM
I want to insert an image into a cell.
I'm aware that this isn't really supported by
Microsoft Excel, but there are workarounds,
and the workaround that suits me best is to
add a comment to the cell, with that comment
containing an image. How would I accomplish this
with PHPExcel? A code example would be great --
if you can provide one.

The interactive way to achieve this is detailed

You'll want to skip to the text beginning "Insert
the image into a comment", because the part of
the page that precedes this is irrelevant to
my question.

Some supplementary questions: is this feature
(images in comments) supported by the XLS format?
And if not, what's the oldest file format which
supports the feature?