Adding a Data type of x:Ticked="1" to Cell records

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Aug 18, 2012 at 2:27 PM

Hi All

I'm trying to create a file which matches the format of an auto generated file from a windows program. (so I can import my changes)

The software is really pedantic and one of the requirements seems to be that I need to make all the fields which had data in them have a ' in front. But the ' is not in the cell data but actual in the formatting.

If I covert both files to XML I can see the different.


<Cell><Data ss:Type="String">EventNo</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="EventMgr"/></Cell>

source file:

<Cell><Data ss:Type="String" x:Ticked="1">EventNo</Data><NamedCellss:Name="EventMgr"/></Cell>

I tried setting a 'PHPExcel_Cell_DataType::TYPE_STRING' but this did not add the value. I also grepped the source and Ticked is not mentioned.

From this I think that PHPExcel does not support creating this type of record.

Any ideas ?