Truncated MySQL Fields

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May 6, 2012 at 6:23 PM


Using the latest download I have produced a spreadsheet that is based on data extracted from MySQL.

I have not experienced any issues extracting information and manipulating the data accordingly expect when I have the sterling symbol (pound sign) ‘£’ in the field.

Initially I discovered that a particular financial field had been entered using the ‘£’ symbol. (The particular resulting spreadsheet is essential y a financial breakdown.)

On output all the relevant cells appeared blank.

 I removed the ‘£’ symbol and the numeric value was subsequently displayed. Firstly it was incorrect to use numbers VARCHAR field and have changed accordingly.

All changes now work.

However, in a field set as VARCHAR which is for ‘user notes’ I found that if the user enter the ‘£’ symbol it will truncate the remainder of the text thereafter.

I am probably missing the obvious but any ideas pointing me in the right direction would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.