Conditional Formatting type=top10

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Aug 10, 2011 at 9:27 PM

Notes: Using 1.7.6 as the base.

I am working on adding pass through (read and then write out) ability for the conditional formatting of Top/Bottom for Excel2007.  Known in the XML as cfRule type="top10".

I need this ability for my own project, but I want to at least be able to post a diff here so that someone can integrate it into the code base.  Why do all that work just for me?

Question: Is there anything I should do to make this feature adding of mine more likely to be able to be integrated into the base? (Besides styling)

Example top10 xml:

<conditionalFormatting sqref="P11">
<cfRule type="top10" dxfId="11" priority="52" percent="1" bottom="1" rank="30"/>
<cfRule type="top10" dxfId="10" priority="53" percent="1" rank="30"/>

My setup so far is to add:

	const CONDITION_TOP10					= 'top10';

And then an if to allow that type to enter.  Really most of the stuff is done in the code as is.  I just need to add a variable to PHPExcel_Style_Conditional that will hold the extra priority="52" percent="1" bottom="1" rank="30" and then something to the Reader and Writer to see them.