Question re: using a "template" and having PHPExcel refresh the data

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Jul 12, 2011 at 8:06 PM

Hi there.

We're evaluating using PHPExcel to help us with some of our reporting needs and I have some questions.

We've built a solution that uses PHP combined with Oracle & Hadoop/Hive to generate reports for our Sales teams, who can simply enter an ID and Date Range and get a link for file download.

We been using Hive/Hadoop to generate the "raw" data view in a CSV file, but the raw view is far from friendly and requires manually creating a pivot table and then using the pivot to generate the "summary".

We'd like to know if your product can support the following:

  1. Take the "raw" CSV data, create a XLS Workbook and import CSV into a worksheet called "raw data"
  2. Use the data from the "raw data" worksheet to populate the primary "summary" worksheet in the workbook
    • The "summary" tab will effectively be a pre-formatted XLS worksheet that is ready to email out to clients that requires minimal (if any) editing prior to sending out
    • We'd like to avoid having to define the "summary" page if possible and just have your product pull the "template" and refresh it using the latest CSV data

Is this do-able using your solution? If not, do you have any suggestions?