.xlsx to .xls converted file working in Excel, but not with phpExcelReader

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Jun 24, 2011 at 8:34 AM

Hi All!!!
I'm new to phpExcel. (IT'S URGENT!!!)

I used phpExcel to convert my .xlsx file to .xls (say 1) file. Then, i'm using phpExcelReader to dump it into Access/mySQL as it doesn't support .xlsx.
But, the converted .xls (say 2) file opens perfectly in Microsoft Excel 2007, but it can't be dumped in Access/mySQL.
Also, when i save the .xlsx file in .xls format using Excel, then it is dumped into Access/mySQL successfully, without any errors.

Is there an issue with encoding??? Also, the content of both .xls files are exactly same, but size differs greatly (.xls (say 1) is of 10 KB, whereas .xls (say 2) is of 26 KB!!!

Alternatively, suggest me how to read, dump data from excel file to Access/mySQL using phpExcel...