Formatting set of html pages into an Excel file

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Feb 14, 2011 at 1:25 AM

Hi all

I am developping a program that generates an Excel file as a set of html pages : one that is a root, and the other ones represent the different tabs.

In the root html file, I have for example this code :

    <x:Name>Tab 1</x:Name>
    <x:WorksheetSource  HRef="sheet1.html"  />
    <x:Name>Tab 2</x:Name>
    <x:WorksheetSource HRef="sheet2.html"/>

The 2 other html files are sheet1.html and sheet2.html. They contain html tags corresponding to tables (<table>, <tr>, <td> ...)

Is there a tool provided by phpExcel that merges these html pages into an Excel file, in the proper binary format ?

Thanks in advance