looking for iqy support

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Dec 10, 2010 at 8:17 AM


i would like to know if there is iqy file support in phpexcel ?if not, is it planned?


Dec 10, 2010 at 11:14 PM

At the moment there are no plans to include iqy (web query) support in PHPExcel, and (as nobody has ever previously asked for it) it would be very low on the list of priorities.

Main priorities for the 1.7.6 release (targetting for late January/early February 2011) are to finally incorporate the charting (for Excel2007, that I've been working on for much of the last year) which has 35 votes in the issues list; OOCalc, Gnumeric and Excel2003XML Writers (13 votes for ODF, 2 for Gnumeric); and a basic HTML reader; as well as extending the supported statistical and financial functions (6 votes); optional use of PCLZip for those who encounter problems with PHP's ZipArchive; an improved OLE Writer for Excel5 that will support Workbook properties (7 votes); and Cell Notes in Excel5.

For the 1.7.7 release (perhaps around April/May), I'm planning to look at the Excel Database functions; a first pass at implementing Pivot tables (7 votes); and extending Chart support to other readers/writers.

If you'd like to see icq included, then I'd suggest raising it as an issue/feature (which will at least put it on the roadmap) and allow others to vote on whether they feel that it should be included in PHPExcel (which will raise it in the priority list).